Western Health

Western Health, a division of IHPM, is the leading provider of mobile health testing in

Southern California, specializing in preventive and occupational health care.


Our unique on-the-job health screening programs provide a healthier work environment

and effective health care cost. Early detection is key to reducing health-relate cost, such

as disability, worker's compensation, sick leave, and absenteeism.


Medical Doctor & Expert Technicians

Our Mobile Health Units are staffed by a medical doctor, a certified X-ray technician, and a medical assistant. All have occupational health experience and many are bilingual.

Support personnel at our headquarters in Upland, CA maintain the medical records and

assist in scheduling.


Board-Certified physicians and radiologist interpret test results. Any alcohol and drug testing follows "chain of custody"

procedures; all samples are sent to a licensed and accredited laboratory.



Western Health Services:

-Standard Physical Examinations

-Executive Physicals

-DOT Exams


-Pre-employment Physicals

-Blood Tests / Chemistry Profiles


                    ·Blood Count and Type



                    ·Blood Sugar Levels

                    ·Blood Alcohol

                    ·Electrocardiogram (EKG)


Western Health Comprehensive Support

Our testing includes an occupational and medical history, a physical examination for specific exposures, function analysis

vision and hearing tests, electrocardiogram. Contract fees are determined on an individual basis.



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